Since 1996, we create synergies between Communication and Technologies.

Our strategic choices rest on two directions of development:

the engineering pole
the graphic pole

Our growth of 20% per year is the result of our firm will to satisfy the customers.

10/31/2013 : Industria Exhibition

Faithful to Industria Exhibition, Technicom will have a booth November 19, 2013, at the racecourse of Cagnes-sur-Mer. The Technicom team will be happy to receive you to discuss your needs for Testing & Measurement, System & Cabling and 3D Communication!


09/15/2013 : ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Technicom obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification on August 30, 2013. This certification attests to the quality of work of the company and to the satisfaction it brings to its customers since 1996.



05/27/2013 : Decision3D exhibits at GIS La Lettre 2013

Technicom, CSTB and Acute3D formed a consortium called Decision3D. In the context of this partnership, Technicom will exhibit to GIS Letter 2013 to be held from June 11 to 13 at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in Champs-sur-Marne. This exhibition, which reports on the major trends in geographic information, explores this year changing practices of the territory. We will hold a conference on June 12 from 16:30 to 17:00, to present our solution which redefines the standards currently known.


07/01/2012 : Test benches for iridium

Technicom has been selected by Thales Alenia Space to realise the integration of three avionic and software test benches for the Iridium project, a constellation of 66 telecom satellites. It allows the communication, all around the Earth, between ground or maritime mobile terminals and access providers.



06/25/2012 : An IPhone application for Virbac

Our Scientific Communication department is proud to annouce the online publishing, on the Apple Store, of the application for IPhone Virbac Derm Diag. This ambitious project represents a new tool for veterinian dermatologic diagnostic for dogs. It offers a large database of information and creates patient records that can be updated as one goes along consultations.






06/21/2010 : A 3D serious game for Lyonnaise des Eaux is in production.

The project consists in the virtual and interactive visit of the future sewage treatment plant called Aquaviva, in Mandelieu. The user freely moves in the plant. During the visit, he meets employees who present him important points about the sewage treatment plant.


05/20/2010 : Scientific communication Department develops a new medium: serious game (interactive professional and / or pedagogical application, proposing realistic environment)

A demonstrator has been performed for Thalès Alenia Space (Cannes). The intended target is Vibration Department staff. The aim is the staff training for the vibrator tipping out from the vertical to the horizontal position. For this process, which occurs during equipments, sub-systems and satellites vibration tests, a procedure exists and must be rigorously respected. The adopted approach is of progressive difficulty. Thus, the learnnig of the operation different steps by the staff is improved.

Test it by clicking here

06/18/2009 : Videos for ARKOPHARMA

news_Arkopharma.jpgTechnical team is concluding the forename of support for a commercial campaign of one product of Arkopharma’s products range. The films/videos could be seen on the WEB and also in the dispensaries. They illustrate the active principle and the action mode of this product. The approach is meant to be didactics and directed to the patient.


05/20/2009 : Satellite/launcher Interface Wires

news_cables.jpgThe wiring workshop delivered 4 interface wires EGSE, which are dedicated to connect the W7 satellite to the sea launch site, under Russian management.





03/10/2009 : The SMARTPLAYLAB and Serious Games

news_realia.jpgTechnicom is participating to the creation of an R&D startup company, specialized in engeeneering of human pedagogy. The “Smartplaylab” holders are creating “seriuous games” which favour the professional orientation and personal development of their users. The innovation concept is brand new and may sectors are concerned as : health, education, sports, industry, management,…etc.
The partners bet on their “in-vivo” expertise and knowledge.
(infos on :


02/22/2009 : System Racks

news_pupitre.jpgThe « system » Team has developped and delivered 4 devices at security norms, for Thales Alenia Space, two of them are dedicated to the pilot system, and vibration acquisition of the department “tests and environment”, the two other ones of DC power dedicated to the thermic laboratory facility.




09/27/2008 : Technicom participating to the Ariane Cross 2008

image_cross.jpgActing as a supplier of Thales Alenia Space, Technicom has realized the video announcing the 32th Ariane cross edition which took place at Cannes on Sept, 27 2008.  Next page of the long story of Ariane Cross will be written with the Technicom team’s participation.




08/26/2008 : ALLERGAN is calling TECHNICOM 

inauguration.jpgIn their videos business, Technicom has produced the anniversary video for Allergan company. A dynamic subject with techno rythms, succeeding a strong production putting all employees as actors, almost 400’s of them. This video had a great success demonstrating the 30th Allergan Anniversary.



08/21/2008 : Summer production period

TECHNICOM is re-enforcing is leadership into the Ophtamology domain, and the relationship with HORUS PHARMA laboratory, realizing printed supports for RICROLIN, VIROPHTA, and also the COOPERVISION catalogs (3rd world producer of contact lenses).


07/07/2008 : The inauguration of the new Technicom head office

All the team of Technicom will welcome his clients and partners the 10th of July 2008 for the new head office inauguration. We’ll organize a short visit with a cocktail. It will be an opportunity to discuss and to discover others aspects of the company.


05/26/2008 : The best movie award at the SFO congress competition…

The scientific movie about the Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking for the treatment of Keratoconus wins the award for best movie at the SFO congress (French society of Ophthalmology) competition. The jury, composed by famous specialists, has congratulated the scientific information wealth, the original theme approach and the high quality of the pictures.
The movie is going on its way with the European competition (ESCRS) and one’s of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).


04/17/2008 : TECHNICOM in his new office…

The firm moves into the Technology Center of the Siagne, near to Cannes and Sophia-Antipolis. The area is larger and the new fitting is optimal. With investments in mind, TECHNICOM is ready to succeed in his new projects.

04/10/2008 : Two new customers with FAÇONNABLE and LATGÉ ASSOCIÉS

TECHNICOM starts a new collaboration with the famous brand FAÇONNABLE. The team begins moreover the development of a new animation movie for LATGÉ ASSOCIÉS. The project deals with one of the main real estate program in the area of Toulouse.

03/25/2008 : A new console for THALES ALENIA SPACE.

TECHNICOM has just delivered a new supervisor system. The matrix enables the simultaneous network of 1000 lines to an acquisition system. The console improves the number of lines, the quality of measure and the speed of the network for all the vibratory test process.

03/06/2008 : A TECHNICOM animation at the SFO congress

TECHNICOM takes part in the congress organized by the French Society of Ophtalmology through a film made for one of his customers. The movie, dealing with the Corneal Cross-Linking, will be in competition. A jury of eminent specialists will reward the best three works. See you in May for this major event and for the results...

11/30/2007 : TECHNICOM and the "pôles de compétitivité"

Technicom integrates in the french clusters: "pôles MER et PEGASE". The purposes are to increase our network in the naval and aeronautical areas to developp our business.

10/17/2007 : TECHNICOM and the transport of the satellits

Technicom signs a new contract with THALES ALENIA SPACE. The company is in charged of the satellits climatic environment control during the transports between different places.

10/12/2007 : TECHNICOM increases...

The company develops. The team increases... A good reason for the company to consider a move in the medium term. It is a question of finding a ground or a place of approximately 400m2 in the surroundings of Cannes-La-Bocca. The announcement of research is launched...

07/15/2007 : The new online TECHNICOM website.

From the logic to always reinforce our communication was born this new Internet website. More than a showcase, this tool is a platform of exchanges with our customers.